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Safety at Vista Lago Adventure Park

Your Safety is Our Priority

Our main focus while designing, building and operating Vista Lago Adventure Park is safety. We utilize the absolute best state of the art safety equipment. Adventurers are harnessed and connected to all elements all of the time while on the course.

Our Lower Course is equipped with Saferoller™ belay system, which is connected to our safety lines at all times and does not require any input from the user. Our Upper Course, Zip Lines and Quick Jump™ are equipped with the Smartsnap™ dual belay system which requires users to hook and unhook onto elements all the while never being unattached from the safety lines.

We require all users attend a short ground school before entering the park to ensure harness fitment, educate about our safety features, equipment usage, general rules and to answer any questions. Our facilitators are CPR certified and highly-trained with an emphasis on safety. We’re all here to ensure the adventurers have a positive experience at Vista Lago Adventure park!

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