Unending adventure awaits you at Lopez Lake!

Unending adventure awaits you at Lopez Lake.  A first of its kind, side-by-side adventure/zip line park. Come and enjoy the 50+ elements we have to offer varying in difficulty from our lower first timer’s course to our upper black level course. Feel the rush of air and excitement on any of our 3 zip lines totaling over 1,800’, including 2 high speed zip lines that end on Vista Lago Point.  Lose your stomach on The Ledge, a 45′ free fall Quick Jump.  Check out our tours!


Just a short 20 minute drive from Pismo Beach, CA, Vista Lago Adventure Park will unzip the adventurer in you!

Upper Park

Constructed on free standing poles, the Upper Courses include 40+ elements including the Talley Wine Barrel Bridge to The Ledge and with platforms in-between to catch your breath. Our Upper Park area includes four distinct courses that vary in degree of difficulty.

Yellow Course

10 elements designed for beginner-intermediate adventurers.

  • Yellow Course dificulty level 25%

Green Course

10 elements designed for the intermediate adventurers.

  • Green Course dificulty level 50%

Blue Course

10 elements designed for the advanced thrill seeker.

  • Blue Course dificulty level 75%

Black Course

Our most challenging 10 elements designed for the high-intensity adventurer.

  • Black Course dificulty level 100%

Beginner Park

Built at much lower heights than the Upper Park, the Beginner Park is designed for adventurers to get comfortable with heights and understand the equipment. Our Beginner Park includes 10 elements which are designed for adults and children.  The Beginner Park is most popular for our younger adventurers being no user input is required for the safety belay system.  The Beginner Park is seasonal, so please call for operating times and hours.

Fun Elements!

Zip Lines

Totaling over 1,800’ in length, our 3 zip lines will have you coming back for more. 1 zip line, 250’ is next to the Upper Course and designed for fun and utilized as “People Movers” for adventurers to access other parts of the course. Our 2 high speed zip lines, 700’ and 850’ equipped with state of the art Zip Stop braking systems, are for the thrill seekers and include some of the best views of Lopez Lake.

The Ledge

Ever wanted to jump 45’ from a perfectly stable platform? Well, you’re in luck! Our Quick Jump auto belay system allows adventures to free fall from 45’ and gently land on the ground below. Not for the faint at heart!

Foot Jump!

Seriously safe technology at play here at Vista Lago Adventure Park

Safety First

Our facilitators are CPR certified and highly-trained with an emphasis on safety. We’re all here to ensure the adventurers have a positive experience at Vista Lago Adventure park!

Advanced Technology

Vista Lago Adventure Park uses some of the most technologically advanced zipline and ropes course equipment available.  Nothing but the best for our guests!

Fun & Games

Vista Lago Adventure Park relies on the personalities and talents of our staff to ensure that everyone leaves with a smile on their face.


Clear Communication

Our guides will tell you exactly what you can expect on each of the elements at Vista Lago Adventure Park.  The only unexpected surprise will be how soon you’ll want to do it again!

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